Trip America 2010

From the visionaries that brought you the mighty Trip Europe, here is 2010’s epic adventure...
Fourteen days, six friends, three US States, one or maybe two V6’s – this is Trip America 2010.

Day 1 – Thursday 13th May
We are scheduled to take off at 16:00 from Heathrow via British Airways. Oh great! Strike anyone!?

Day 2 – Friday 14th May
The first of three days heading up the Pacific coast hitting Santa Barbara and Malibu on the way!

Day 3 – Saturday 15th May
More coastal adventures…

Day 4 – Sunday 16th May
Four become six! If all goes to plan we’ll be picking up Gino and Ross from San Francisco airport around 6pm.

Day 5 – Monday 17th May
The first of two nights in San Francisco. Alcatraz anyone?

Day 6 – Tuesday 18th May
More fun in San Fran….we hope.

Day 7 – Wednesday 19th May
My birthday! Then off to see an old friend, hello Bushy!

Day 8 – Thursday 20th May
The big drive down to Vegas taking in Ghost towns, Mammoth lakes and the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Day 9 – Friday 21st May
Death Valley – enough said. If we survive Death Valley we’ll hope to reach Las Vegas by late afternoon.

Day 10 – Saturday 22nd May
Day 2 in Las Vegas…

Day 11 – Sunday 23rd May
Day 3 in Las Vegas…

Day 12 – Monday 24th May
Day 4 in Las Vegas!

Day 13 – Tuesday 25th May / Day 14 – Wednesday 26th May
Happy Birthday Kev! After his hangover dissipates, it’s destination LA, Hollywood, The OC etc…

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