Day 3 – Saturday 15th May

It’s roughly a further four hundred miles to reach Redmond City (a city outside San Francisco close enough to it to share its bay) where we hope, we pray, that we’ll pick up Gino and Ross who are flying out from back home to join us. This means we can split the remaining journey time into these all-important two days meaning two small stints of a couple of hundred miles per day leaving plenty of time to enjoy the sights and the attractions.

Here we see Kev pondering life looking to Morro rock for inspiration.

We head off and not before long stumble upon a large outdoor mini-golf centre. Excellent, a chance for a little wager amongst friends to keep things interesting…

Here are the lucky sods winners of the day.

Other tourist haunts we see on the way include Hearst Castle. A mansion that has 144 rooms although we chose not to pay for the grand tour as we’re still hoping that the Sun can break through from the smog allowing us to live the dream….rocking up to a random beach on the Pacific Coast, parking up the beast and taking down our beach gear and a 4-pack. Sadly it doesn’t happen. We do continue to pass beaches on the way though. Here is Pismo beach mid way up the west coast. Big SUV’s on the beach with a little picnic – very American.
Note the obvious lack of sunshine! :-(

Today we have crossed a couple of famous bridges including Bixby making this my favourite pic of the day. Look how close the road is to the edge of land – it was like this for hours. Heavenly.


We’ve had several txts from Gino and Ross surrounding news of their hopeful departure and the ash cloud of doom! They reckon it’s 60/40 in their favour as to whether they’ll make it out. This hits us like a ton of bricks as we had thought the cloud had been and gone. The make-up of the trip would change massively if the four would remain as just a four. To say we would be gutted, for them let alone us, would be a huge understatement. Due to the time-zone difference we will go to bed knowing that when we wake up we’ll know for certain whether they are gonna make it out or not. Will the fantastic four become the supreme six?
I’ll let you know in the next 24 hours…

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