Day 5 – Monday 17th May

Anybody who has been to San Francisco will tell you one of two things: Firstly, that it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world and secondly that it has a very unpredicatable climate. We heard that the temperature can differ massively depending on whether you’re by the bay or in-land towards the centre.

Come rain or shine, we fully intend to live the San Fran experience or at least as much as we can within the next two days.

As we’re down on Fisherman’s Wharf, we take in Pier 39 and its big, fishy residents.

We spend the rest of the afternoon down on the wharf buying things that you forget about after a week or two once you’re home but all part of the tourist experience I guess.

Later this evening we embark on a “twlight special” tour of Alcatraz. Clearly it doesn’t feel like a twilight special due to weather conditions but nonetheless, what an experience. The tour lasted a couple of hours and they were able to provide a running commentary by way of indivdual headsets.

Here are a few pictures of Alcantraz but first, San Francisco during early evening time and from a moving boat!

Note the gradient of a typical public road in the centre of the picture. In fact, I find San Fran somewhat of a paradox; it’s really flat but also really hilly. Either way, there’s no disputing its charm.

Here are G and Kev listening intently on the tales of this cell’s owner

We have another day here tomorrow so expect more San Fran pics to come before we wind down and head to the next stage of the journey.

  • #1 written by Dobbo
    about 11 years ago

    Paradox eh Ghin? Word of the day toilet paper is it? ;)

    Glad to see you got your six together – sounds like a close call…

  • #2 written by Joanne
    about 11 years ago

    I must say guys….some sexy pics on here hahaha yellow plastic really suits yas lol
    Hope your all having fun xx

  • #3 written by teresa
    about 11 years ago

    Hi Sami, I can’t help but laugh the other day the others were in short and you in trousers, then today it’s raining they are in trousers and you are in shorts ???? Hope the weather will change soon, it is scorching hot here xxxxx

  • #4 written by Sami
    about 11 years ago

    You know I’m odd, what else can I say :-) x

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