Day 8 – Thursday 20th May

Yesssss! Finally some lasting sunshine! Bare in mind that it rained a little yesterday – Bushy said that in the five years he’s been over here never once had he seen rain in May!

Today is set to be our best drive yet as we have sunshine, a Mustang convertible, 80’s tunes (cheesy I know) and some truly breathtaking scenery.

Having set down in Lake Tahoe late last night we haven’t spent as much time here as we’d have liked. Still, we get some breakfast and headed on down to the lake – American’s second largest I believe. The views were truly spectactular!

Infact, it’s so beautiful here that it’s a popular wedding setting.

Kev finally breaks down and reveals his true feelings…

Kennedy missing his girlfriend :-)

It’s time to head to Bodie, a goverment protected Ghost town! It was once a buzzing little village back in the 19th century as people came from all over in search of gold. Less than one hundred years later when the gold ran out it was deserted by the locals and later offically declared a ghost town by the goverment.

As Bodie is several miles off of the main freeway, we had some fun getting there

Now on to the Ghost town itself

Who is the real sheriff in this town boy!

We continue to head south on to the big 395 in the direction of Vegas before settling at a small town named Lone Pine. We’re four or five hours away from Vegas meaning if we head off early enough tomorrow, we should reach the Big V by mid afternoon.

As the Sun creeps behind the mountain, we capture this little beauty.

  • #1 written by Joanne
    about 11 years ago

    Some amzing pics you guys got…looks amazing. Miss you ross xx

  • #2 written by Zoe
    about 11 years ago

    Haha really not a funny pic luv. Thanks

  • #3 written by Sami
    about 11 years ago

    Thanks Jo. Rossy misses you too as those expensive mobile phone calls prove! :-)

  • #4 written by BenY
    about 10 years ago

    Stunning pics!

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