YEAR 2011

When May 19 2011 swings on by, I will be 30 years old!


September 2010: Plans have already started to materialize for a trip next year and we’ve only been back a few months from the unforgettable Trip America. By materialize, I mean a number of revisions have been drafted and they are currently with some of my close friends for their input.

Will it be a final European road trip of its kind or will it be a more simple, relaxing package holiday?
(I think we all know the answer to that one). See the proposed map HERE

In addition to turning 30, by coincidence the year 2011 is also ten years on from an experience I had with a car of all things that would eventually turn me into the car nut I am today. The following page is a culmination of both determination and a little patience:  My TEN year itch

2011 trips:

View Trip 2011 RS blog

View Italy (September 2011) blog

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