Italy 2011

Dear family, friends, randoms and others…

I promised earlier this year during our last eurohoon of 2011, changes would need to be made if I was to ever set foot on foreign soil again. You know how the X-factor has been re-vamped with the introduction of some new faces; better looking faces, well I’ve done the same as this European trip is as different as I could make it. It’s just me and ummm, a female!!! (Yep, previously a banned word from euro trips since 2007).

For those of you that don’t know my gorgeous partner, she does exist, she is not a figment of my imagination. Her name is Katie, aka Minchie, Minch, Midge, Minge and we’ve been together for over two years now albeit with a couple of breaks along the way.

The inspiration behind this trip is that it’s a birthday treat and her birthday is today of all days! She actually doesn’t know anything about this adventure as I’ve decided to keep what we’re doing and where we’re going a surprise. Considering I’ve been dropping hints of Benidorm for the past few weeks, hopefully what I have come up with will surpass this, silently shock her and immensely satisfy her. That’s the plan anyway…

Day 1 – Tuscany
Day 2 – Tuscany
Day 3 – Emilia Romagna
Day 4 – Emilia Romagna
Day 5 – Emilia Romagna
Day 6 – Venito / Friuli region
Day 7/8 – Venito / Friuli region

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